[about us]

Leo and Heidi, that's us! We have been married since 1987 and still live happily together. Although we both have a mind of our own, we don't waste must time banging each other's head in. Instead we like to talk untill the wee small hours. We're both what you might call in an unfriendly way nerds: computer freaks. In the early eighties, neither of us welcomed the arrival of the computer in ordinary life. Until we discovered the possibilities of this inanimate device. Needless to say that we went through many sleepless nights every time we got a new machine or piece of software. We've worked in a mixed IBM PC, IBM AS/400, and Apple Macintosh environment at work and at home for many years. Although some seem to grow angry and frustrated behind their computer screens, patience and respect is what a good computer keeps processing. The most important thing we've learned to appreciate about well tuned hardware and software is its feel for logic and management. Working with such tools is not only user friendly; it's also about getting educated by your own computer. So, a little home advise: treat your computer with respect and care and you'll have yourselves a hell of a tutor.