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Yes, darlings, we confess to suffer from a very addictive disease called the Beeb comedementia. Bless the Brits for their provocative, absurd and hilarious sense of humour. Read more about some of our favourite comedy series listed below:

Absolutely Fabulous
French & Saunders
Shooting Stars
Have I Got News For You

Boys and toys go together like Leo and Lego. One syllable makes all the difference. Put the two of them together and what do you get? A 40 year old grown up man under the spell of boyish imagination. Some advice to the Lego widows out there. If your dearest Legomaniac gives you that pittyful dog-eyed look when he asks for a larger play room, act tough. Give him the tiniest room in the house. Why... you ask? Come and visit our kitchen, our living room, bedroom...if you're able to recognise them as such between the huge cranes, trucks, warehouses, space shuttles, hovering R2D2's, helicopters, tractors, ferocious godzilla's and home made lego-assimilated robots. Care to have a look at these technological wonders?