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We are still renovating our house. It was built in 1911 by Paul Hamesse, a famous architect with a mind of his own. But only recently we have come to realise what a great and inventive mind this man was. In most houses you have a very straightforward re-occuring pattern on each floor, with the stairs either to the left or to the right. The architect though wanted the stairs to be in a central space of the house. And as finishing touch he provided for a window in the top roof. You can imagine the sunlight sipping in through the window roof, right all the way down to the ground floor, shedding its luminosity on the stairs. We call our house the House of Curves; they appear in the windows, in the rooms, for no reason whatsoever. But they add a lot of character and charm.In the original architectural description, registered at the County house, the attic, a huge space in itself, was a kind of wharehouse, meant for artistic purposes.