This page is dedicated to their joy for motorbiking.

Stelhans started driving petrol driven 2 wheel vehicles at the age of 14 where Crammie got bitten by the microbe at the age of 35. Since then there's a big chance you'll encounter them together on a small street in the middle of farmland, at the top of a mountain, at the seaside or next to a river.

The odds are small you'll find them on a highway. They don't drive for ultimate speed but for optimal pleasure. Their "kick" is to be 1 with their bike, the road and the landscape. When you look at a picture taken of them while riding it strikes you that they seem to be part of the landscape, as if they always belonged there.

It is a sheer delight to see Stelhans take a curve, the controlled way he inclines his bike by moving his body is pure poetry. His spontaneous anticipation of the resulting vector of the gravitational and centrifugal forces is really remarkable !

As much as Stelhans has to put in physical effort, Crammie likes his BMW to do all the work. Crammie's daily work is so demanding that when riding the wants to relax and let the powerful motor do the efforts. The 1 thing he has to do is stay on the machine : with that much power you can easily get thrown off.

Being friends they are able to put aside different technical abilities in favour of a satisfying trip for the both of them...  and everyone else who likes to join them. They are both adults, macho-stuff can only activate a small and temporal smile on their face...

Interview of Stelhans & Crammie at the inauguration of the S&C site (12/2000)

Stories of their biking trips

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Interview of Crammie and Stelhans at the inauguration of their S&C site (12/2000)

SCsite : What gave you the idea to start up this website ?
Crammie : Friends motor riders started with sending us their letters as a website. Keen on replying in the same way we went to a mutual friend who knows how to make a website.
Stelhans : At the second page, the three of us got so enthusiastic that we went beyond the letter format and ended with what you're looking at right now.

SCsite : What is the purpose of this website ?
Stelhans : The Internet is a inexpensive way of promoting our Exchange program and at the same time give potential visitors the chance to get to know us.
Crammie : Yes indeed. And much more to discover !

SCsite :  Why do you offer a free service to strangers without the certainty of getting repaid ?
Crammie : Your question reveals that you are no biker yourself. To a real biker no other biker is a stranger because  they share their love of driving a bike.
Stelhans :  For non-bikers it may be easier to understand that special relation when we compare a biketrip with a new job. On each trip you encounter several strangers. At each new job you'll meet new colleagues. In both situations you are confronted with people you do not know. Who do you ask for help or guidance ?  In a new workplace it is not easy to detect the people that will really help you, as a biker you'll only have to look for another biker. That's the spirit.

SCsite : Sorry, I still fail to see the advantage.
Stelhans : Let me put it in plain words : Last summer when returning home from a long trip we got stranded in France. A couple of Norwegian bikers on route to Bagdad helped us out. We spoke of their helping hand to a dozen of friends at home and by the time these Norwegian bikers had to cross Belgium there were more than 15 families that were willing to accommodate them. We had the same experience in different countries ourselves.

SCsite : Is this reality or a romantic fantasy of yours..
Crammie : Stelhans did not exaggerate when comparing strangers-bikers on a trip as new-helping colleges. I had the same experience several times myself when occasionally on route without Stelhans.
Stelhans : As in both situations sometimes you'll get to know someone better and maybe eventually become friends.

SCsite : It gets better all the time : now we're even making friends ! Next minute you'll convince me that my problem to find the right girlfriend can be solved if I buy a bike ? 
Crammie : Certainly if you wish to meet a biking-girlfriend.
Stelhans : Indeed, but do not try to fake. Bikers can respond hard to those who want all and give nothing.

SCsite : Is this a thread ?  
Stelhans : No, a promise.
Crammie : What Stelhans means is that if you behave like a jerk, you'll be left alone. If you are friendly and helpful, you'll be treaded friendly and helpful.

SCsite :  OK, I got the picture. Can you tell us something interesting about your bike ?  
Stelhans : She rides well.
Crammie : Mine to.

SCsite :  As an experienced investigative reporter I did some extensive research on the both of you and could not find a link to alien life before the birth of your website. Why did you chose the Internet to come out ?
Stelhans : Well, there's a time to go and there's a time to come.
Crammie : If I may, since this interview is broadcasted to the world, I would like to seize this opportunity to say even more : there's a time to go and there's a time to come.

SCsite :  Eh... yes. Do you have anything else to say to our audience ?
Crammie : Don't you understand ? Our planet was so polluted that we had to go, earth was clean enough for us to come. In 50 years earth will be as badly polluted as our home world so by then, we will have to go...
Stelhans : As we said before : we go and we come.

SCsite :  Do you really know how earth will look like in 10, 20 ,30, 40 or 50 years ?
Crammie : Certainly, our pollutionmeter is very sophisticated and most accurate in his global extrapolations thanks to our home world algorithms, fractals and other equations of that sort.
Stelhans : It is powered by a singularity, please, let us not forget that !

SCsite : ehhhh..
Crammie : And even more.
Stelhans : But only available in the near future.

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