Exchange program

Hello Motorriders everywhere,

When you travel through Belgium and you need a place to stay : come visit a fellow motorrider !

Why do we do this ?
On many occasions, when asking for directions for a place to stay, we were spontaniously invited by locals to spend the night at their place. When we left we were fully fed and still drunk and had problems to pack all the gifts on our bykes. Being hospitable ourselves we are proud to be able to return the favor to bykers who come to Belgium.

What do we offer ?
1 private guestroom (bed for 2) , shared sanitary facilities, food and drinks, tourist guidance and fun at 2 different locations. (1 in Hasselt and 1 in Brussels).

What do we ask in return ?
That, one day when we pass your town, you to invite us with open arms.

How to proceed ?
Send us an e-mail : present yourselves, describe your route and timing, at what location (Hasselt or Brussels) do you want to stay ? For how long ?     see our privacy-policy

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We respect your privacy   :


Your e-mail is saved on our secured mail-server for the duration of its purpose, it will be deleted when no longer needed. The back-up tapes are kept in a safe and are individually secured by the administrators password.

Our webmaster, who has been a professional ICT security consultant for 8 years, says no one else but us can access your e-mail. We trust him.                    info : ICT = Information & Communication Technology.

Your e-mail will not be forwarded to others nor will anything from its content be revealed to others unless explicitly approved by you.

We will only use the content of you e-mail to get to know you and to welcome you at our place in an optimal condition.

Our webmaster will send you a confirmation mail stating that from then on your virtual life on our Intranet is over.

At any time you may join us again.

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