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Crammie 1

Click on image to go back Crammie decently clothed, surfing at Leonovitch's highly protected & secluded shelter.

Crammie was born an expert problem-solver : in situations of crisis he will organize things and make you work in a glimpse.

Whenever you experience "life-threatening" problems at the borderpost of a strange country due to some misunderstanding, you'll pray to every existing God for Crammie to be the next in queue.

When searching desperately for info about Very Strange Underground Music (VSUM), he's the expert.


Living actively in Brussels for 20 years now, he can give you a customized route of "must-see" places and for normal tourists unknown addresses to stay there.

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Crammie 2

Click on image to go back It's a picture of pour quality but I can assure you that on many occasions I saw how women (and men) turned weak when he produced that smile of his. And sometimes they even fainted !

The most remarkable event happened when Crammie and Stelhans were helping out a mutual friend. The friend's grandmother was moving into an elderlyhome and they had to carry some small personal furniture.

While walking halfway trough a patio full of apathic elderly in wheelchairs, Crammie's eyes crossed those of a lady and he smiled. Suddenly, the old lady that never got out of her wheelchair for the last 15 years, stood up and walked towards Crammie shouting "My son ! My son..."

When she finally reached Crammie she saw he was not her son. She stood still for a moment and then kissed Crammie on his cheek.

She thanked him for his warm smile and returned to her wheelchair, with a smile on her face.

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