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Upi's Favourites and Heroes

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Trekkers all around the world unite !

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First and foremost favourite (and I'm not ashamed to sound mellow): Leo, my soulmate, fellow companion and husband.

Next are my heroes. Due to a lack of real physical heroes, I stick to fiction heroes. Because I'm a trekker, most of my heroes come out of Star Trek and I dare say; the higher the rank, the more I like them. There is Mister Spock (In The Old Series), who always gets to do the dirty jobs on the Enterprise and Scotty (always patching up things in the engine rooms) and Dr. McCoy a.k.a. "Bones". In The Next Generation, Captain Jean Luc Picard and Lt. Cm. Data are my absolute favourite (for he's a bald captain who goes boldly where no one has gone before). Next in line is Mister Data (he has a sweetness unmeasured by human standards), and Lieutenant Worf (a fearsome Klingon starfleet officer who gets wound up over nothing ...but who has a huge and generous heart). Last but not least, I have a weakness for Q, a member of the Q-Continuum because he always makes sure to give Starfleet staff a good kick in its complacency to get them ready for what's ahead" (Cpt. Picard in "Q Who?"). 

My Trek-o-mania notwithstanding, I'm a great fan of SF-parody : Red Dwarf and Third Rock from the Sun are my absolutely favourites !

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