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Upi's Dearest

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How numerous birds, a cat and six goldfish and some frogs to 
live together happily ever after ...

About the birds:

Many birds of all kinds and all sizes. Top of the bill are two crows who regard the pond in our garden as a bar- and a bathroom. No towels required; the flowerbeds will do nicely thank you ...

About the cat:

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Poes is her majesty's name. Poes is dutch for female cat. She sure has all the female qualities: she's easily insulted, always gets her way by skilfully abusing her charms. But what the heck; other then her overdeveloped consciousness and pride; she's a sweetie pie ... Especially with her head pinned down in the grass and her hiny stuck up in the air, tail twigling furiously when facing a bird and pretending to chase it. The moment she jumps, the birdie has flown ofcourse ...

About the goldfish:

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Quick and Flupke, Aria and Obelix, Graaf van Rommelgem en Robbedoes are their names.These fish came with the house ... It's a bit like Humphrey the cat at Downing Street; the defeated PM has to move out but the cat gets to stay with the new PM (although rumour has it Humphrey's been moved to the countryside to enjoy the quiet life). The names we chose for the fish all came out of well know Belgian comics (except for Obelix, the companion of Asterix, a french hero who made life hell for The Roman empire and Caesar in particular). Back to the goldfish: they're quite a lazy bunch; they just seem to float in a semi narcotic stream of consciousness. The only thing that brings'em back alive is a worm thrown in the pond. Maybe it's all a case of mistaken identity: they think they're goldfish, but they're actually pirhanas ... Maybe this explains why the cat never seems to be eager to catch some fish in the pond and still succeeds in sipping from it without losing the tip of her cute little nose ... At the moment, things are much more lively in the pond: Aria is very very pregnant ( she's about to explode any minute now) and the fish gang have some very small frogs to be for company. I can hardly wait till they're full grown frogs and I've already made up a list with possible names for them...

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